Modeling of Glucose-Insulin System Dynamics in Diabetic Goettingen Minipigs


Lunze, K., Singh, T., and Leonhardt, S.,


FAC Symposium on Biological and Medical Systems, 2012


Development of an artificial pancreas which regulates blood glucose in a closed loop framework is the ultimate goal in the treatment of diabetes. Development of a model which captures the glucose-insulin dynamic is a mandatory step prior to the in vivo-test and validation of a feedback controller. Towards this end, the focus of this paper is on the development of a glucose-insulin model for diabetic Goettingen minipigs, which will serve as a proxy for human testing of a blood glucose regulator. This paper presents an eighth-order model to capture the glucose-insulin dynamics in diabetic Goettingen minipigs. Comparison of the measurement data with the calculated evolution of the blood glucose trajectories illustrate satisfactory results providing a basis of optimism for the ultimate implementation of a closed loop controller.