Fuel/Time Optimal Control of Spacecraft Maneuvers


Liu, S-W., & Singh, T.


Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, 20, 394-397, 1997.


The focus of the proposed work is the design of the fuel/time optimal control profile for a spacecraft undergoing three dimensional rest-to-rest maneuvers. The main focus of this work is to illustrate the existence of a transition bang-off-bang control profile that can in the limit generate the time-optimal and the fuel-optimal control profiles. The variation of the maneuver time and fuel used as a function of the parameter which indicates the relative significance of the maneuver time and the fuel, will be determined. A modified version of the Switch Time Optimization algorithm is proposed to be used to arrive at the optimal control profile. The modified algorithm has been implemented on the benchmark floating oscillator successfully. Finally, this work will be extended to include the problem of design of fuel/time optimal spinup maneuvers.

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