Characterizing Performance of alpha-beta-gamma Filters


Tenne, D., & Singh T.


IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 38(3), 1072-1087, 2002.


This paper discusses in detail the alpha-beta-gamma filter which is a sampled data target tracker which can asymptotically track a constant acceleration target. The alpha-beta-gamma parameters are studied to characterize the stability of the filter and its performance viz its transient behavior. A closed form equation for the mean square response of the system to white noise is derived. In addition, metrics to gauge the transient response and the steady state tracking error are derived. These equations are shown to reduce to some of the results presented in the literature for the alpha-beta filter by equating gamma to zero. The equations for the noise ratio and the transient and steady state error are exploited to optimally select the alpha-beta-gamma parameters for specific maneuvers.

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