Pole-Zero, Zero-Pole Canceling Input Shapers


Singh, T.,


ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, 134(1).


This paper presents the development of an input-shaper/time-delay filter, which exploits knowledge of the zeros of a minimum-phase transfer function to reduce the output-transition time for a rest-to-rest maneuver problem, compared to the traditional zero vibration (ZV) input shaper. The maneuver time of the robust input shaper presented in this work will correspondingly have a smaller maneuver time compared to the zero vibration derivative (ZVD) input-shaper. The shaped profile is changing with time even after the completion of the maneuver similar to postactuation controllers. All the traditional technique for addressing multiple modes and desensitizing the filter over a specified domain of uncertainties are applicable to the technique presented in this paper.

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