Design of Hardware/Algorithms for Enhancement of Driver-Vehicle Performance in Inclement Conditions Using a Virtual Environment


Singh, T., Kesavadas, T., Mayne, R., Kim, J-J., & Roy, A.


SAE Transactions-Journal of Passenger Car-Mechanical Systems, 2000.


The focus of this paper is on the development and evaluation of technology to enhance the ability of a driver to cope with inclement conditions by supplementing his natural inputs with vibrotactile and/or audio signals. To provide a tool for the systematic evaluation of driver assistive technology, a driving simulator has been developed. The architecture of the driving simulator includes a driving console, a Pentium PC, and an ONYX with Infinite Reality 2 engine. The PC is dedicated to data acquisition and logging of driver input from a driving console which includes a steering wheel and brake and throttle pedals in addition to communicating the driver input to the ONYX2 via the Internet. The vehicle dynamics and the visualization software are resident on the ONYX2 which satisfies the computational requirement for real-time simulation of the dynamics and visualization of the environment.