Chance Constraint based design of Input Shapers


Nandi, S., and Singh, T.


2017 IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications, Aug. 27-Aug. 30, Mauna Lani, Hawaii.


The focus of this paper is on the design of input shapers for systems with uncertainties in the parameters of the vibratory modes which need to be attenuated. A probabilistic framework is proposed for the design of the robust input shaper, when the uncertain modal parameters are characterized by probability density functions. A convex chance constrained optimization problem is posed to determine the parameters of input shapers (time-delay filter) which can accommodate the users acceptable risk levels for a prescribed residual energy threshold. Robust input shapers are developed for various compact support distributions to illustrate the ability of the proposed formulation to synthesize input shapers which can satisfy a residual energy threshold with a given risk level. This problem formulation can conceivably reduce the conservative nature of worst case controllers which have to ensure that all realizations of the uncertain system have to satisfy a prescribed performance index. The chance constrained input shaper is designed for a spring-mass-dashpot system with three different distributions for the uncertain spring stiffness. Results provide encouragement for the extension of the proposed approach to multi-dimensional and multi-model uncertainties.