Control, Dynamics and Estimation Laboratory

Research related to modeling, system identification and control of dynamical systems is the focus of this lab. The research is application driven. For instance, development of prefiltering techniques for the attenuation of residual vibration is motivated by applications such as seek control algorithms for hard disk drives. Typical applications which the lab has been involved with include:

  • Time-delay filters for vibration control of hard disk drives
  • Data Assimilation for improved forecasting/nowcasting of plumes
  • Polynomial Chaos based forecasting of uncertainties in dynamical systems
  • Polynomial Chaos based input-shaper design
  • Nonlinear controllers for electrohydraulic valves
  • Adverse condition alerting systems for automobiles
  • Target tracking for littoral vehicles
  • Real-time vehicle dynamics simulation for a virtual reality simulator
  • Solar Energy Forecasting

Ph.D. student Souransu Nandi wins the 2017 SEAS Poster Competition.

Souransu Nandi earns first place in SEAS poster competition

CoDE Lab Alumnus Prof. Nidal Al-Masoud recognized as the 2014 ASME Distinguished Engineer of the year.

Optimal Reference Shaping for Dynamical Systems: Theory and Applications